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Ways to Extinguish Different Types of Small Fire

Ways to Extinguish Different Types of Small Fire

Fire, be it a small or huge one, can prove to be dangerous and deadly. According to National Fire Protection Association, there were 1,345,500 fires reported in the United States in the year 2015 and they caused 3,280 civilian deaths. It goes without saying that you must call 911 whenever there is an accidental fire and it puts the lives of you and your loved ones at risk. After the fire has been extinguished, you can also consider hiring fire damage restoration professionals to lessen the amount of damage caused due to fire.

There are different types of fires that erupt in your surroundings and different ways to extinguish them. Let us acquaint ourselves with each one of them and know how to deal with them as and when they occur.

Cooking fires

This is the most common kind of fire that erupts in any house. Whenever there is a cooking fire, consider shutting the oven off, cover the pan with lid or use Type B extinguisher. Try not to move the pan as it can spatter oil and spread the fire further. Also, turning the exhaust fan on is the last thing you should do as it can add oxygen to the fire. If there is a fire in the oven, try to cool it off by keeping the door closed. This is because if the fire comes in contact with the air, it can grow worse. You can also sprinkle a lot of baking soda on the food.

Fire caused due to electrical equipment

As people are quite used to extinguishing fire with water, they make a huge mistake of pouring water over the fire caused by electrical equipment. This leads to further accidents as water is a good conductor of electricity. So avoid committing such mistakes any cost. During electrical fire, pull the plug out from the socket (if possible) or switch off the appliance. You can also control the fire by covering it with blanket or Type C extinguisher.


You may have never imagined a Television being caught on fire. However, there is a possibility of it being on fire when the air around it doesn’t have enough space to circulate causing a lot of heat in the area around it. Even when there are other objects close to it like candles, curtains or knickknacks, the heat from the TV can ignite these objects causing a fire. When a TV catches fire, the best thing to do is to unplug the cord and try to put the flames down with a fire extinguisher. Refrain from using the blanket as it can spread the fire further.

Fireplace wood stoves

If you use fireplace stove, there might be chances of it catching fire. To avoid this, use dried wood and refrain from using flammable liquid. Once the cooking task is over, dispose the cool ashes in a metal container. Also when the cooking process is on, don’t leave the fire unattended. Don’t keep flammable materials near it and keep the glass screen closed.

These fires might start small but can turn into an unimaginable tragedy if not controlled in a right way. We hope that the above guide will be of great help in controlling small fires.

Follow These Steps to Prevent Your Basement from Catching Fire

Follow These Steps to Prevent Your Basement from Catching Fire

Basement of the house is used for multiple purposes. It’s a place where you store heaters, coolers and other utility controllers. It is okay to use basement for storage purposes, but you must have a good understanding about the placement of things around it. For eg, If you keep a flammable object near furnace, it will definitely catch fire.

You should take all precautions to prevent fire. But despite all your best efforts, basements tend to catch fire when things go wrong with pipes and wires. During such times, a fire damage restoration company can come to your rescue. There are certain steps that you can follow to prevent your basement from catching fire. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Undertake lint cleaning

It’s quite common for people to do laundry in the basement. Washing machines and dryers are set up in the basement as there is enough space and convenience. Lint filters of the dryers catch fire when they are not cleaned at regular intervals. Lint usually gets accumulated around the drum area of the dryer. Make sure you clean the lint filters after each cycle of drying to prevent accidents from happening. You can also hire professionals to ensure thorough cleaning every year.

Invest in a smoke alarm

If your basement is vulnerable to catching fire due to heat equipment, make sure you buy a smoke alarm and set it up in your basement. The smoke alarm in the basement should be connected to the central system so that you can know of mishaps even when you are not in or around the basement. Don’t forget to check and maintain the alarm from time to time and ensure that it works properly.

Declutter the flammables

Oily rags, paints, empty deodorant bottles, alcoholic beverages etc can be considered highly flammable products that can erupt fire. Declutter these things and keep them a few feet away from heating equipment. Even dry trash can catch fire easily. So refrain from storing trash including debris, papers, textiles etc in your basement.

Avoid the cord chaos

Basement is sometimes a hub of different equipment. And you also might have a situation when they are all running at once. But that pit of cords might prove to be dangerous. Make sure that you keep the wires of machines and dryers plugged into the wall sockets. Overloaded extension cords can also ignite fires due to severe heating.

Install Arc-fault Circuit Interrupters

Arc-fault Circuit Interrupters, abbreviated as AFCIs, prevent the fires that are caused by electrical switches. They usually shut off the circuits when an unintentional discharge of electricity occurs within the circuit. By installing these, your basement remains safe from fire caused due to electricity. So make sure you install these little saviors in your basement.

Keep the staircase clear

Staircase is the only route that leads you up to the house and it is your mere way to escape the fire in the basement. If you are in a habit of keeping baskets, toys, water bottle cartons etc  on the stairs, you need to let go of this habit. Such obstructions are unsafe and can stop you from making an easy escape. So avoid cluttering your staircase at all costs.

Safety comes first. And if you follow the above steps, your basement will remain fireproof. You can also get in touch with fire restoration professionals to know more about prevention techniques. Keep safe!

Fire Damage: Things to Do Before Professionals Reach

Fire Damage: Things to Do Before Professionals Reach

Fire Damage-2

Being stuck in fire can be one of the most horrifying experiences one can ever go through. And no matter how many fire drills you have undergone, there is a possibility that when it actually happens, you might go completely numb as to what to do next! This is because you are in a state of shock and can’t believe that a fire has broken out in your house.

During such times, instead of panicking, you should try to be calm and think through things clearly about the immediate next steps. It is quite obvious that you will immediately call 911 or the fire department. But by the time professional help arrives, things can get life threatening. So here’s what you should do.

Let everyone know

When you are stuck in your house, the only way to ask for help is to shout and alert the neighbours. This way, they might contact the fire authorities before you do and render help any which way that they can. It is always recommended that you have a fire escape route figured out. By doing so, you will be able to get out of the house faster without any hassle.

Don’t be a fire expert

The last thing you want to do when a fire breaks out is to check the ‘when’ ‘where’ and ‘how’ of the fire. There have been instances of people losing their lives because they tried to investigate the fire resource and what caused it. These things can be taken care of during the later stages. So just focus on getting out of the house and planning your escape.

Keep away from smoke

The smoke emitted during fire can prove to be toxic and can suffocate you. Make sure you crawl on the floor as the air is purer near floors. By lying down, you will be able to save your face and upper body from the flames that burst upwards. Once you succeed in reaching the door, put your hand on it and check whether the fire hasn’t spread on the other side. If not, your way is clear. When you go on the other side of the door, you must close it so that the fire doesn’t get any oxygen to spread further.

Control the flames

While escaping, choose to roll on the floor as it will prevent the flames from spreading further. Don’t panic and run around as it can be dangerous for you and spread the fire even further. If you have huge blankets or heavy clothes, try to cover the flames with them as they will cease the supply of oxygen.

Planning an escape through window

This kind of escape is not usually recommended. Jumping out of windows has led to serious injuries and accidents. However, if the fire has spread severely and you don’t have a choice, throw pillows and beddings on the ground from the window before you jump. Families with children should ensure that they lower the children as much as possible before they jump.

Once you are out, call the fire department and provide them with your address and details about the intensity of the fire. This information has to be given for the professionals to know where to reach you and what equipment to carry.

As soon as the fire dies down, get in touch with your nearest fire damage restoration service providers. This is because the water used to cease the fire can cause structural damage and lead to mold growth. Ashes from smoke get imbibed in your furniture, carpets, drywall, etc. The earlier you call a restoration service, the lesser the chance of your property ruining further. It is important to know that an emergency situation like this has to be dealt professionally. Keep safe!

Tips For Filing Insurance Claim After a House Fire

Tips For Filing Insurance Claim After a House Fire


Losing your home or belongings to a fire is upsetting and distressing to levels unfathomable. But still, you need to move on with life and get settled with things as early as possible. Filing an Insurance claim is one of the first thing you need to do after a house fire. You may also work with a professional fire damage restoration service provider who will not only help you in restoration and cleanup but will also help you with filing your insurance claim.

It is a well known fact that insurance companies would follow their terms and conditions meticulously just to find a loophole in your claim so that they don’t have to pay up. To avoid such situation, you need to be completely well versed with the insurance claim procedure and all the terms and conditions of your policy well in advance so that when the need actually arises (unfortunately) you are well prepared and don’t do anything that may jeopardise your claim approval chances.

Here are some tips which will come handy to you, when required.

File for an advance against your final insurance claim

If you have to abandon your home under unavoidable circumstances, you can file for an advance from your insurance company to buy essentials you might not have been able to pack up while evacuating. Keep a check on your expenses and make sure you only spend on necessities.

File your claim at the earliest

File your claim as early as possible, it gets easier on both ends then. Keep a track of your communications with the insurance company and keep a copy of all required documents. Include all important required to file your claim to quicken the process.

Mitigate further damage

The insurance company expects you to take good care of your belongings or they can just deny compensation on the grounds of carelessness. Mitigate the damage to the best way possible and protect your belongings from further damage to ensure them that you aren’t at fault.

Make a list and don’t throw away thing just yet

Start making a list of things you’ve lost in the fire. You will require every home member’s output and this and can miss out on something, so its better you keep it prepared beforehand.  Also, don’t throw away the damaged goods, the insurance agent might deny to compensate if you just throw them away.

Don’t close it immediately

Last but one of the most important points to take care of. Your insurance company will try to close your case as soon as possible. Don’t fall into the trap. House fire is a big thing and amidst the chaos you might just forget mentioning or claiming for some important thing damaged in the fire. So, do not close your claim just yet. To make sure, read and sign every document by the company very carefully. They aren’t going to be very open about it.

Tips for Preventing Fire Damage in Your Home and Office

Tips for Preventing Fire Damage in Your Home and Office


Fire in your home or office can be life threatening aside from the fact that it causes damage to your property. So if you ever have to bear the brunt of fire, you should always contact fire damage restoration service providers in your area.

However prevention is always better than cure. Something like a fire accident is mostly because of the lack of proper precautionary measures. Be it your home or office, you remain vulnerable to fire accidents. Though you cannot always control if there is a fire at the site, you can always take some precautionary measures to prevent fire damage and to control the fire to spread further. Here are some tips you should consider to prevent your home or office from getting damaged in fire.

Install smoke detectors


It’s almost a rule now and you should abide by it to ensure your own safety. Install smoke detectors at multiple places at your home and office to be certain that if for any reason a fire is ignited, you immediately get informed by the alarm. Early detection can help you prevent major fire accidents.

Ensure electrical safety


A significant number of home and office fires are caused due to electrical faults. For maximum safety, employ a well maintained electrical system. Overloading of electrical outlets is a ‘No’. Equipment like coffeemakers, photocopy machines, computers, etc. should only be sourced from approved suppliers. Heat generating equipments should be kept away from goods that might catch fire easily.

Fire Extinguishers


Smoke detectors just help you know that there’s fire in the building. You need to find the quickest rescue after that. Calling fire personnel take time and might not be needed if you already have fire extinguishers installed which can help you put off the fire before it spreads.

Keep a check on your storage habits


Install smoke detectors in your storage rooms where paper and other easily flammable items are stored. Don’t stack too many bundles of paper together as it can spread the fire easily. If you can, avoid keeping papers, files and folders as much as you can be it your office or home. Keep a digital record of all your papers and files and not only make more space but you keep your property less vulnerable to fire.

Escape plans


Draw escape plans with the help of experts and inform all your house/office mates about the same. Emergency exits should be highlighted and the plan should be pasted on each floor to make sure everybody has access to it. Organize a small talk in your office and teach everyone how to escape in case of any fire. Using fire extinguishers should also be known by all.

What To Do After A Fire?

What To Do After A Fire?


‘Fire’ is something that instantly reminds one of an emergency situation. When a house is on fire, it’s destructive and disparaging. Even when the fire is over, the situation is entirely messed up and the next step to be taken doesn’t strike immediately as you are emotionally exhausted as well. Here’s a brief instruction guide which will help you at the delicate moment of stress.

Get assured that the site is safe to enter

Don’t enter the site before you get a green signal from the fire personnel. It can be hazardous to do so. The fire causes the walls and ceilings to weaken and entry might be prohibited before proper restoration process. When you are allowed to go inside, immediately start the restoration work before the poisonous gas and elements hurt you and your family.

Ensure security of the site

After the fire is exhausted, don’t leave the site unattended. It might be at risk of theft, unfavorable weather conditions, or vandalism. Before you leave the site, make sure you get all the main doors and windows locked with the help of the firemen.

Call important / relevant people

Once the running around is done and the fire is off, you need to call your family members or fellow housemates and inform them about it. Call your insurance company at the earliest to avoid any inconvenience later. If you are a tenant, you immediately need to call the house owner as well.

Clean up the damaged property

If the fire had been controlled at the earliest, it is possible that your house isn’t destroyed totally but just went through some damages. Confirm it from the fire brigade and if it is only damaged, arrange for your clean up requirements. Even if it is not visible, the smoke and soot that is left behind can be harmful and should be dealt with as soon as possible. You can also take professional help and hire fire damage restoration services if you want to be sure everything’s normal again.

The above steps aren’t very complicated and easy to remember. And at the time of crisis, these are the very words of wisdom one might be looking for. Ensuring safety of your people and important belongings should be your first priority. If the site needs to be renovated before accommodation, it is better to shift to some temporary dwelling while the work is going on. It will save you from all the harmful particles that have infected your house and let the renovation work carry on swiftly. Make sure you inform all the concerned people about your change in address.

DIY Tips on Cleaning Up Your Home from Fire and Smoke Damage

DIY Tips on Cleaning Up Your Home from Fire and Smoke Damage

House fires are mentally exhausting and physically destructive. Not only does it result in loss of properly and unfortunate cases lives, recovering from a fire can also be difficult. And putting out the fire is only the beginning in the process of recovery. The real work starts after that. Living in a fire affected house without cleaning it up can prove to be hazardous. All the smoke and soot that is left behind can be harmful and should not be neglected at any cost. Below are some useful DIY tips to help you clean up your home from fire and smoke damage.


Cleaning Up The Walls

Clean all the loose soot and dust particles from the walls using a vacuum cleaner. Make a solution using one gallon of water and 1 tablespoon of Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), and use a sponge to wipe the wall surface with it. Dip some rags into warm water and use it to clean up the walls. Make sure you are wearing professional rubber gloves and safety goggles. You can then follow it up by priming and a fresh coat of paint.

Getting Rid of The Odor

The walls of your house can absorb smoke odor. You can use some household items to get rid of this smell. Either you can use soapy/detergent water to wash down your walls (if washable) or you can use white vinegar which also works for your floors and furniture. You can also consider other alternatives like baking soda, activated charcoal, etc. If the fire hadn’t been a minor one, the damage could be on molecular level. In that case, we recommend you to take professional help to steer clear of any health hazards.

Cleaning Up Fabrics

While you might require discarding a considerable part of your fabrics, you can still save some of them. Use a vacuum clear to get rid of all the soot which might stain your textiles further if not cleaned immediately. Deodorize the carpets, curtains and other fabrics using dishwashing detergent or if the fabrics are bleach friendly, you can use a solution of 4-6 tablespoons TSP and a cup of household bleach.

Though there are methods which enable you to clean up the mess yourself, it’s a daunting task. Just cleaning it up to make it showy again doesn’t count. The injurious particles can continue to harm you in spite of all the hard work on your part. If the fire had been intense and you can see soot and smoke everywhere, we suggest you to hire professional fire damage restoration services. Professionals can handle major fire damage much better than you can.